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City: Belfast, N. Ireland

Country: United Kingdom

University: Stranmillis University Belfast

Field of Study: Design, Art, and Music

Major: Post Primary Technology and Design

Days Waiting to be Fully Sponsored: 437


Samantha, who prefers to be called “Sam”, grew up in Northern Ireland in a protestant family. She has watched her mother struggle with MS to overcome normal daily life activities and just recently watched the only grandparent she’s ever known die. Even though she has lived through difficult circumstances, she says, “It taught me to be more open-minded and patient and to accept that I am not always in control of life”. Sam became involved in Young Life after being persistently encouraged by a school friend to attend club. While there, she noticed the vast difference between the Young Life leaders and the crowd she was associated with and decided she needed to make a change for the better. A volunteer leader for three years, Sam passionately believes ministry can be the bridge that fills the divide and allows kids from all backgrounds to come together in peace.
Now as a Developing Global Leader, Sam is studying post primary technology and design with the desire to work in a secondary school, preferably for the less fortunate or disadvantaged, teaching technology and design. Sam says, “School was hard for me. I wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until age 17. Before this I felt like teachers assumed I didn’t care, when in reality I was struggling with no one noticing. My heart goes out to kids like myself, struggling in school with no one there to notice. I believe that every child is capable of learning with the right support behind them.”

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