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City: Mostoles

Country: Spain

University: King Juan Carlos University

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education


Lidia grew up the daughter of Spanish missionaries in Tanzania. She has worked alongside her parents’ ministry helping people with drug addiction. Calling Tanzania home, surrounded by so much need, has significantly shaped who she is today. Her principal describes her as, “having a very generous spirit, and will do as much as she is able to support and encourage those around her.” An excellent leader, Lidia is compassionate, academically bright, authentic, hilarious, and has a strong work ethic. She speaks four languages: Spanish, English, Swahili, and French. Lidia has a heart to serve those less fortunate than herself and has enjoyed assisting children with disabilities, teaching English classes to kids living in an orphanage, and leading Bible studies for uneducated children in her community.

As a Developing Global Leader, Lidia is studying education with the desire to be a primary school teacher upon graduation. She is gifted with children and knows she can make a significant impact in the lives of youth with her degree. She will be the first in her family to graduate university.

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