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Vyacheslav "Slava"

City: Novocherkassk

Country: Russia

University: South Russian Polytechnical University

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Energy Saving Technologies

Vyacheslav "Slava"

Vyacheslav, who prefers to be called “Slava,” lives with his parents and four younger siblings in an apartment in Novocherkassk, located in southwest Russia. His father works at a factory and his mother is a housewife. Described by his recommender as an extraordinary Young Life leader – responsible, hard-working, and caring – he has wonderful personal skills and leads other by his example. Without the DGL scholarship Slava would not be able to continue his ministry with Young Life, work and study all at the same time.

Now, as a Developing Global Leader, Slava is studying renewable energy technology with the desire to secure a position at the local power station. He recognizes the need for specialists in this field in order to help his country and world save the earth’s depleting resources by using more naturally reoccurring forces such as wind power, sunlight, water currents, and geothermal energy. He is excited to be able to continue his Young Life ministry while studying at university, and plans to open a new club during his time in the DGL program.

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