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City: Unlisted

Country: Central Asia

University: Unlisted

Field of Study: Law and Diplomacy

Major: Law


Lina had a bright and happy childhood growing up as the only child to her parents in the mountains of Central Asia. She remembers learning about God at an early age but didn’t know him personally until much later when her life would experience a difficult turn of events. At fourteen, her father’s business went bankrupt and her family lost everything. They moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment and still struggle to make rent to this day. Then, when Lina was just sixteen, her father passed away unexpectedly. Lina says, “When my father died, I came home from the funeral and felt so vulnerable and alone. Then suddenly I felt God’s love and heard God say, ‘Do not be afraid, I am with you.’ That’s how my journey with God began”.

Lina’s Young Life area director describes her as responsible, fun, and hardworking. She loves God and loves serving Young Life and is valued as one of the best young female leaders in her area and church. As a Developing Global Leader, she will be studying law with the dream of becoming a public prosecutor after graduation.

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